Barrel   Hinge
Inside Release
The " NO BEAR CAN " is a metal trash enclosure designed to keep your trash in and
the  critters out.  Model 5030 is designed to hold 2 large round 33 gallon or 3
rectangular 32 gallon trash cans.  Model 5036 is designed to hold 3 large round 33
gallon or 4 rectangular 32 gallon trash cans.  Both Models are fabricated to the same
exacting standards. The only difference is that Model 5036 is 36" deep and Model
5030 is 30" deep.  Both Models bolt to a 6" X 6" X 3\16" steel tube post that is set into
the ground at a depth of 24".  We recommend that the height of the trash enclosure  
be between 16 and 18 inches  (check your local requirements ) off the surface of the
ground.  It is our recommendation that  a good quality concrete be used to set the
post.  Usually 2 cubic feet of  redi-mix is ample.

The NO BEAR CAN  is constructed of
heavy 12 gauge steel. Our doors use a
Hansen center cage dual
dead bolt latching system with an inside release handle  
welded barrel hinges that are very strong and require very little maintenance and
will give your enclosure years of trouble free service. The NO BEAR CAN
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helps prevent moisture from being trapped inside.  The
U-Channel frame around the
inside lip of the door helps to keep the dead bolt rods aligned with the door frame and
keep the door rigid during use. The tight seams around the door along with the 12
gauge construction help keep strong animals from prying their way into the
enclosure.    Exclusive to our enclosure is our spring assisted self removing 5\16"
entry key.

The ease of use and good looks of " THE NO BEAR CAN " makes this enclosure a
very attractive addition to your Real Property. Standard colors are Brown and Green.
The interior space on model 5030 is 50" wide X  30" deep X 48" in height at the ridge.
Model 5036 is 50" wide X 36" deep X 48" high at the ridge. Model 5036 is our choice
for Family's that  recycle  or have a greater need for interior space. We can also
Custom Fabricate Enclosures for special applications.
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The NO BEAR CAN  is manufactured by Carson Valley Welding
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